truSTORIES: Danielle Gibson

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‘I was down to numbers I hadn’t seen in years!’

“I kept seeing a friend I went to high school with posting on Facebook about how she had lost weight but was doing so in a natural and healthy way. She was improving a lot about her life and it wasn’t just her weight. I kept seeing posts until finally I messaged her and said I’d like to try it. I loved it so much, I signed up immediately. In fact, I sold all of my trial packs in two days! And just like that, I started doing my own posts on Facebook.”

“I had originally not intended to sell anything. I’m a teacher, not a salesperson … but things changed. I was promoted in my first two days. I lost weight immediately and was able to sleep better. I actually suffer from chronic hives and have been to allergists and dermatologists and on and on, but nobody could ever quite figure out why I was getting them. After taking the TruVision product, I’ve not an outbreak for a long time, and considering I used to have them daily, that’s big.”

“I wanted to lose weight, but I was skeptical. All of it sounded too good to be true. Losing weight was one thing, but health benefits too? But then I lost a couple pounds on the trial pack. After that, the pounds started melting off. I went from my pre-pregnancy pants being way too big on me to dropping to lower than I was when I got married nine years ago. I was down to numbers I hadn’t seen in years!”

“When I started in June, I weighed almost 140. I could never break 130, no matter what I did. Still, I knew I could be smaller than that; I was smaller before my pregnancy after all. My goal with TruVision was to get under 130 … and I got to 117, which was way better than I ever thought could happen. I’d never even seen 120 before!”

“People have been really curious, even when I’m not talking about TruVision. I post normal day-to-day photos and still I get asked what it is I’m doing to lose weight. My number one goal on Facebook has been that I don’t want people to get sick of me—I don’t want them blocking me. I am very careful about what I post.”

“I earn enough to take care of my Fast Packs every month and have some left over. I would like to get the point I’m making $1000 a month and then go from there.”

“There’s no pressure with TruVision. When I talk to people about it, it’s because I truly believe in it. It works. Everybody wants everybody else to succeed. In fact, my upline gave me my first person to sign up under me. That speaks volumes.”

“I’m eager to see where the company goes. I got in at such an early time in its history. When we make comments and ask questions, I know they’re actually listening to us. So while I love losing weight and all TruVision is doing for me personally, I’m interested to see where the company goes as a whole.”

-Danielle Gibson