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IMG_20160202_002641_033000_resized‘I have so much belief in TruVision, there’s nowhere else I’m going’

“I didn’t start taking the product until January of 2015. Now I’ve been on it for 13 months or so and I’ve lost 26.2 kilos (or about 58 pounds). I’ve lost three dress sizes and a huge amount of centimeters as well. All along my journey, people have doubted me, but TruVision has changed both my and my husband’s life.”

“How has our lives changed? We have healthier eating habits, for one. He’s not overweight, but having TruVision as part of our lives has helped him out in that area. We don’t have junk food in our house anymore.”

“I’ve been overweight most of my life. I got teased and picked on in school. It impacted my confidence and how I presented myself. I was more than embarrassed about my body. I didn’t even like going out to buy new clothes.”

“There are a lot of reasons I started with TruVision, but it comes down to the fact I wanted to improve my health, wellbeing and finances. I was unmotivated and I ate a lot of unhealthy foods. I had high blood pressure. I also have a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (or PCOS) where I was told it would be hard for me to have children naturally. I wanted to change all of those things.”

“My mom was overweight herself. She was diabetic. She suffered from pancreatic cancer and died at the age of 51. Her medical history was a wakeup call that I needed to do something. When she passed and I got over the depression and anxiety I had as a result, TruVision came along, and at exactly the right time.”

“I call TruVision a True Blessing. I want to be around as long as I can for my husband and my family. Over the last 13 months, so much has changed. The weight loss was a huge achievement. I’m still continually losing weight and more than halfway to losing my goal of 50 kilos. You hear a lot of stories about those who rely on scales, but I don’t so much. Even when I’m not losing weight, the centimeters are still melting away. I have heaps of energy and my gynecologist even told me I should be able to conceive naturally now, just like anyone else.”

“I dropped 19 kilos without having to do much exercise. Since losing those, I exercise a lot more. I do the 10K Pledge, I walk 7K steps a day and my exercise has definitely increased. I’m confident about the path I’m on with TruVision.”

“Prior to TruVision, my husband and I were struggling financially. We’d been helping support my mom and dad for the last few years of her life and run ourselves dry. We were in a bad situation, with huge debts to pay. On top of that, my husband lost his job for eight weeks and we found ourselves unable to pay certain bills.”

“I was skeptical before I started with TruVision. But once I started losing weight, all of a sudden, I had a belief I didn’t think I could even have. I thought that, if it works for me, I had to share it with others. So I share it with anybody and everybody. It’s made a massive impact on me.”

“Now our savings is good again. We are going to the USA for six weeks for a dream holiday we’ve always wanted to do. I went from working full time 8-5 five days a week to quitting my job this year to do TruVision full time. I guess that gives a good indication of how this company can and ultimately does change lives. In six months with TruVision, I was earning more than my weekly income at my former job.”

“A lot of my friends have been so skeptical about this product. But I’ve done the same things they’re doing … shakes, wraps, whatever … and for me it wa really hard to shake the weight that way. If TruVision can work for me (and especially with my medical issues), it can work for others. You just need to be consistent with the product. You’ve got to get up and get moving. That’s it!”

“My husband really didn’t believe in this company as a whole until the founders came to my hometown in Australia. He met all of them and they got along very well. He hadn’t believed they wanted to help people as much as they do, but he changed his tune. He said, ‘I think I now have the opportunity to lift myself.’”

“He has shared TruVision with so many people. The impact we make as a duo, we just bounce right off each other, because he supports me. We’re both very excited. The company is headed in a great direction. We’re very lucky to have founders who have such a huge knowledge and who empower us to be who we want to be.”

“I work this business so much it’s not funny. I like to help anybody. We were the highest recruiters for the company in January. I don’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing for people to know that! I just started getting so many friend requests and questions and it’s kept me very busy.”

“There is no true method I follow other than being consistent and following up. Don’t bombard someone with testimonials. Give information about nutrition. You need to help them on that side too. In fact, I share a page with recipes just to support others in living a healthier lifestyle.”

“We didn’t have a lot of company support when I started. But I believed it in it so much, I was going to share it no matter what. Founder Travis (Martin) said we really ran with it and made it our own in Australia. Now he sees the impact we’re having and gives us all the support we need. It’s incredible to see.”

“I have so much belief in TruVision, there’s nowhere else I’m going. I’m True for life. This journey has its ups and downs certainly, and that is how we build our story, but I’m not going anywhere. They are going to have to get used to me sticking around!”

“A year from today, we plan to start building our dream home. We want to help more people, as many as we possibly can. We want to travel and have kids. I want to go a few places and share the product more, whether it’s Indonesia or wherever. We want to go as far and as wide as we can with this product and company. That’s the level of our belief in it.”

- Natasha Ellis